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We choose to do like this instead of copying all the pages and using Google Translate on all the Swedish pages.  We know you can translate those pages by yourself if the information here mentioned is not complete for you. So, please read more futher below this page. 


You are always welcome to contact us through e-mail or giving us a call.


When you contact Karin Nylund - you will get answers to your questions in English.



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As you see above - we have translated the Swedish words in the menu just giving you a clue - what´s behind the menu. There are some pictures showing the Rooms, Dining facility, Recreation room, Lobby, The garden and so on, -  that we know you will understand - even if the text is in Swedish...


So - here we go with the summary :


There are 6 rooms and 7 small apartments with variation of size and price. Some small, some medium and some a little bit bigger. 

All of them furnished to fit long-time rentals as well as summer holiday visitors. Click on the pages - showing rooms and so on - Summer-Staying or Long-time-Rentals above. 


All the rooms/small apartments has a small Kitchen, a peaceful Bedroom (with beds customized for person/family size), a Livingroom (with TV) and a Bathroom with shower enclosure and heated floor.


On all sides of the buildings, there are planned Greens and also a beautiful old Park with big trees and protective hedges. On the front side, is the Parking area and a garden surrounded by hedges, bushes and small trees. In the warm period, this garden is filled with colourful flowers.  In other words, surroundings for enjoying life on a peaceful spot on Earth.


More - about staying - scoll down a little bit - if you are not interrested in the Amenities 



"Our features provides comfort, convenience, and pleasure". 


There are some bikes for rent x) , taking you on rides in the lovely countryside and maybe in to the little city of Tomelilla and the villages close by. There is also two cars – which are possible to rent. One Saab 9-5 Combi and one Ford Focus.


X) - remember - in Sweden you have to use Bicycle helmet riding ! 



Logi Gamlegård is situated in the county – Skåne (Scania) in the southern part of Sweden. The area for Logi Gamlegård is called Österlen. (look down east on the map above) This part of the county is well known for the special light on the east coast. The light, has been magical for painters as well as writers since two hundred years.


If you are staying with (smaller) kids – the amusement park Tosselilla – five kilometres from Gamlegård – is a must!

In Tomelilla you will find the Department Store – Bo Ohlsson. Very popular on rainy days… and the very, very small Museum of Hasse & Tage (two Swedish comedians, writers and film makers) in Tomelilla close to the Rail Way Station. 


By bike you can reach the National Park – Fyledalen in 20-30 minutes.  There, you will be able to see many Red Kites and even some Eagles, Ravens and of course all the smaller birds – like Chaffinches and others, who likes the woods. The Wild Boars - they are probably asleep! On the fields there are usually some Fallow Deer and sometimes even Red Deer! No Moose around here and no Wolves  - just maybe some Foxies :-) 


ATTRACTIONS – in some small distance


Not far away – 30 minutes- from Logi Gamlegård – you will find ‘our Stonehenge’ – called Ales Stenar, close to the Baltic Sea and the village Kåseberga. (Information Board in English There is a beautiful coast line and beaches from Kåseberga to the east – which we recommend you to visit. The Rock Stens Huvud, (Information Board in English close to Kivik – is also a popular place to visit. If you are lucky, you can come close to Nightingales and ‘be carried away by their singing’- Magical!


If you are interested in visiting Castles/Mansions, you will find Kronovall and  Christinehof (pink Castle from 1734 - Sorry - no English web site for Christinehof) in 30 minutes.


The city Ystad – is about 20 minutes away along highway 19. Ystad is a very popular city for tourist during the Summer season. The Old City, with narrow streets entice many to stroll,  looking at the old buildings. Do not miss the Maria Church in the centre.



  • Restaurants & Cafes - You will find a lot of them close by, in Tomelilla and Skånes Tranås and Ystad
  • Grocery Stores - There are three big stores in Tomelilla - as well as the famous Bo Ohlsson Super Market
  • Hospitals - there is a hospital in Ystad. Small one in Simrishamn. And big ones in Malmö, Lund, Kristanstad
  • Banks - there are two banks in Tomelilla - and some more i Ystad, as well as Forex Exchange.


About staying on Logi Gamlegard


When coming to Logi Gamlegård, you will meet: 


 Anette Harbro

 Stefan Larsson

Lars Rosberg



Anette - spends most of her time at Gamlegård - when not in other responsibilities at Folk High School in Tomelilla.


Stefan - is the Manager and handy-man, but only at Gamlegard on evenings and weekends. 


Lars - is one man staying in long-time-rental, and Lars is sometimes the helping hand when movings is needed.


Kjell - he is the gardener , keeping greens in good shape.




Our Motto:


Feel good staying with us at Österlen 


We listen and are adaptive 



We hope you have got a nice picture of Logi Gamlegård and Österlen – making you interested in booking!


The most convenient way – is to fill in our Booking Form below - and wait for our confirmation.

Carefully write your e-mail address – correct! - PLEASE read the following first - filling in the Booking Form. 


Another possibility – is to make a call to Karin Nylund at +46707893275 – BUT we prefer-  you using the Booking Form.


Remember – we are just a familiar  facility – and a nice opportunity for you to have  pleasant time in the countryside – so PLEASE have some understanding – us not coming back as a magical lightning – on line – just like that!


Here are the details you have to follow – AFTER getting an answer from us – received your booking.


After recieving confirmation of your booking - We have to charge you with a prepayment for SEK 500 – to close your booking. You can do the transaction using Swedish bank systems: – either by the Swedish BANKGIRO no. 206-8146 or using SWISH-application  to Anette Harbo at +46706-56 64 30.


When paying for the reservation -  by other systems, just follow this information - using SWIFT


IBAN: SE1695700000000040143232

BIC-address: SPSDSE23


HB AH Idéer

Ullstorp 1241




WHEN – getting information about your prepayment – we will send you a confirmation on your made booking – SO carefully write your e-mail address – correct in the Booking Form!


On your arrial at Logi Gamlegård, you are welcome to pay the excess amount.





Write the name of the person - paying




Very important - writing the correct mail-address to the person , who will sign the rental agreement.



Please - write - how many people and their names included in your reservation. AND if you bring a dog or a cat. PLUS  the point of time ( week number/-s and dates) you wish to stay at Logi Gamlegård.